BBQ Hot Pot Combo, Electric Oven Teppanyaki, DFjTP


Note : CDN$

  • Non-stick inner wall of lotus leaf: pressed by high pressure, non-stick surface, durable and easy to clean.
  • Body wash, durable and wearable: unplug the power cord before cleaning, the heating body is sealed, the water is not afraid, can be washed directly with a tap.
  • Insulated rubber anti-skid pad: The base four feet have a silent anti-slip design to protect the table from burns.
  • Bottom cooling system: excellent heat dissipation for longer life
  • Leakage port design: easy to pour out excess oil after use, can be plugged when used.
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A SIN : B082D734JM
Shipping Weight : 4.5 g
Date First Available : Dec 5 2019

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